Brown Girls Reunite

Mission Statement
Hello! My name is Erina. I have created this website to empower South Asian women like me. I am a first-generation Bengali-American and created this blog to spread my voice through writing. I've also created this blog to bring different South Asian women to discuss their lives in underrepresented career choices but also show beautiful artists on my blog each month! I want this blog to hopefully inspire my beautiful South Asian sisters to follow their own dreams.

Core Values at Brown Girls Reunite


Curiosity is especially important in my daily life because it helps to broaden my perspectives on life, which in return helps me gain essential learning opportunities throughout my life. Curiosity helps me grow as individual mentally and personally.


Throughout my everyday life, I want to be open to new opportunities and experiences that surround me. Being able to learn and understand others' perspectives is heavily important for me to grow into a critical thinker who's ready to take action.


This website is one of the creative outlets that I deeply appreciate since it helps me to express myself outside of normal circumstances. Thinking outside of the box and coming up with various unique ideas has helped me throughout many of the advisory committees and clubs I dedicate my time. Overall, I enjoy stepping out of the perceived norms to achieve my own vision of reality.

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