About me:

Hi! I created this blog. My name is Erina and I am a first-generation Bengali American. I have created this blog in September of 2021, making me a sophomore in high school. I've always wanted to create a blog and I finally took the initiative to start it! My hobbies consist of reading, listening to music, and photography. I tend to express my thoughts through writing and thought this would be a great way to share my thoughts. I live in New York, and have for my whole life! I am excited to show you the new things I have to offer!

Artist Of The Month

Each month, Brown Girls: Reunite will display a South Asian women artist's work. I choose each artist through Instagram.  There will be a brief description of the artist and their work and provide different pictures of them on my page monthly. This process is totally free and was created to highlight underrated South Asian artists who want to use my blog as a spotlight to bring in more recognition. If you are interested in becoming featured on Brown Girls: Reunite, email (browngirlsreunite@gmail.com) or DM us on Instagram (@browngirlsreunite).

Blogs and Interviews

Each month there will be 1-3 blogs posts and/or interviews. For personal blog posts, I will post about different topics that intrigue me but also are important to speak about in the South Asian community. For interviews, I will conduct one on one meetings with me and a South Asian woman in a certain underrepresented field. This can consist of fields in media, art, authors, etc. If you are interested in being featured contact us (down below).


Email: browngirlsreunite@gmail.com

Instagram: browngirlsreunite